Why Doeker

Your company is competing for the same staffing resources that everyone else in the healthcare market is after. Just as employers desire the best employees available to join their company, healthcare professionals want to work for the best healthcare providers. So what separates your company from the rest? What is it that your company has that will attract the best and brightest, and then once they come on board, what can you do that will retain them for the long term?

At Doeker we can’t control the supply of healthcare professionals or the demand for their services. What we can control is our knowledge of the healthcare employment market and our ability to assist your company in locating those professionals who will help grow your business.

The solution is to partner with a professional recruiting firm such as Doeker Resource Partners which has direct access to these healthcare professionals in our database. Our experience and knowledge of the industry and investment in our proprietary resources allows Doeker to be positioned extremely well to help our clients reach their staffing goals. We will help to differentiate your business from the others in a manner to attract the very best talent out in the market. That differentiation comes in many forms such as company market presence, company culture, company commitment to quality of service delivery, management style, respect for your employees, schedule flexibility, employee career advancement, CEU reimbursement, benefits (health, dental, vision, CEUs, 401k, etc), compensation and others.

Our Differentiation From Other Recruiters and Your Competitive Advantage Using Doeker

  • Our quest is to understand the unique aspects of your business and requirements of the position(s) prior to conducting our search. We strive to know your business well enough to qualify the best candidates for you.
  • We engage in a similar approach with our candidates to identify those characteristics that are important to them in their next employer and position.
  • The knowledge of the healthcare market and related dynamics we have learned over time that effects the supply and demand of those practitioners.
  • We pride ourselves on a business model using a consultative approach for our client companies as well as our candidates who have a need for this type of assistance.
  • Access to our expansive proprietary database of these practitioners across the US numbering 60,000+

Principles Driving Our Business

Our Mission

Our mission is to create long-term relationships that result in ongoing value to the employer and a rewarding career for the employee that exceeds expectations for everyone involved.

We accomplish this mission by working with both quality individuals and leading companies while consistently delivering more than we promise to all parties resulting in wins for everyone.

Our Values

We hold our values in high regard to all clients and candidates and recognize that each of these groups is integral to the success of our mission and we treat them accordingly.

Above all, we treat each individual and client company with integrity, respect and confidentiality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a premier placement firm in the healthcare industry, achieved through delivering exceptional quality, service, and ongoing value to our clients and candidates.

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